Easter Art Projects for Kids – Egg Sculptures

As soon as Tinkerlab shared her Egg Creative Challenge for children, I knew I wanted to join!  I’d been toying with some ideas for Easter art projects already.  Seeing the Tinkerlab challenge gave me the little push I needed to make it happen.

Easter Art Project for Kids - Fun-A-Day's part of Tinkerlab's egg creative challenge

My preschool students and I have been exploring three-dimensional art over the past few months, as well as a variety of process-based art experiences.  Combining eggs, 3D art, and process art led to the creation of an egg sculpture project!

Easter Art Projects for Kids - Egg Sculpture

Easter art projects for kids to get excited about!

Plastic Easter eggs (mine were found at Dollar Tree)
Glue gun

Set Up
I placed a variety of plastic Easter eggs on one of my classroom tables, along with a glue gun.  I didn’t even have to call the children over – as soon as they saw the materials, they swarmed me!  :)  I explained that they could create whatever they wanted to using the eggs.  Our glue gun rules were also reviewed before the project began – our hands stay away from the tip, Miss Mary Catherine supervises/helps, and we keep our fingers out of the hot glue.

Preparing for our egg sculptures - one of our favorite Easter Art Projects

How the Children Created
Some of the children approached this project with a plan already in place.  Others just created on the fly, changing things up as they went along.  It’s always interesting to observe how children use materials to create, and this time was no different!

We had a “bunny rabbit egg” sculpture that was created in a very particular order.

Easter Art Projects for Kids - Egg Sculpture using plastic eggs

Another child thought it would be great to make a rocket ship.  She didn’t mind that it couldn’t stand up, especially since “it’s going to float in space anyway.”

Easter Art Projects  - Egg Sculptures with kids

One of my boys spent days adding egg pieces to his free form sculpture.  In fact, I don’t think it’s “done” just yet.  I bet he’ll ask to add more to it tomorrow!

Easter Art Projects for Kids - Open ended fun with plastic eggs and a glue gun!

Engineer helped me choose the plastic eggs, so he knew we would be creating with them in preschool.  He wanted in on the fun, of course!  He’s currently working on a robotic egg.  His plans keep changing, so he’s been adding more and more to it each day.  I’m concerned the robot sculpture will be taller than me by the time Easter rolls around!

Easter Art Projects for Kids - Egg Sculpture!

Ideas for Next Time
This activity was 100% child-led, but I did serve as an assistant.  Basically, I oversaw the glue gun usage, and I put hot glue wherever kids asked me to.  As such, I was pretty involved in the process.  In talking with Miss Brit about it, she suggested glue dots as a glue gun alternative.  Since we still have plastic eggs, and the children still REALLY want to create with them, I think I’ll try the glue dots next.  I’m hoping that makes for a more independent Easter art project.

What Easter art projects are you planning to try this month?  Don’t forget to stop by Tinkerlab’s Egg Creative Challenge!  There will be over 50 ideas linked up there this month.  I cannot wait to see what’s shared.


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      Rachelle, thanks so much for setting up this super fun challenge! I am so excited to participate in more of your challenges in the future. It’s fun to see where the kids take the materials. I think the glue gun really did empower the kiddos and made them feel more grown up and trusted. I’m hoping to do try the glue dots out next week in preschool!

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    Fantastic! So many people would shy away from hot glue guns and children but with supervision it is a fantastic resource. Definitely some architects in your group!

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      Thank you, Emma! I think the children did a wonderful job around the glue gun, and I’m amazed at the creations they came up with. They’re chomping at the bit to make more so we’re doing it again next week!


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