Spring Math Game for Kids – Plant the Flowers

Welcome to day two of Spring Play Days!  I’m teaming up with Buggy and Buddy, Twodaloo, Nothing if Not Intentional, and Fantastic Fun and Learning for spring-themed fun.  Sunday, I showed off my preschoolers’ Spring Tissue Paper Stained Glass Art. Today I’d love to share a simple spring math game for kids that Engineer and I enjoyed playing.  I originally wrote about the game as a guest post for B-Inspired Mama.

colorful spring math game for kids

A colorful math game for kids to welcome spring

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Terra cotta pots
Play dough
Fake flowers

setting up the math game for kids

How to Play
1. Give each player a terra cotta pot and some play dough to act as a base for the flowers.
2. Hand out flowers to each player, ensuring that everyone has the same amount.  We started with 12 each.
3. Player one rolls his die, then adds the appropriate number of flowers to his flower pot.
4. Player two does the same, rolling her die and adding flowers to her ceramic pot.
5. Play continues until one person has “planted” all of her flowers.
6. Challenge each other to another game, or just have fun creating with the play dough and flowers!

playing a spring math game for kids

Other Ways to Play
There are so many ways to change up how this game is set up and played!  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Have each player use two dice instead of one.  This would allow the kiddos to work on their addition skills.
  • Incorporate a scented oil (lavender or rose) to the play dough for a different sensory experience.
  • Knead seeds into the dough for a different texture.
  • Play with real flowers instead of fake.
  • Create number cards to use instead of dice.  This would let the kids work on their numeral recognition and one-to-one correspondence skills in a different way.

a flower-filled math game for kids

This is a very simple math game for kids, but so much learning can take place with “simple” activities!  Here are a few skills touched on:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Counting
  • Turn taking
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sportsmanship

Do you have another math game for kids to recommend?  Any favorites that you play at home or at school?

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