Preschool Science Fun with Ice Castles

Most of my students adore the movie “Frozen”!  In fact, I’ve had “Let It Go” stuck in my head for more than 3 weeks because they love to sing it.  So when we had a fairy tale theme last month, I just knew I wanted to create ice castles for the kiddos.  It was an incredibly simple preschool science activity, but the children really seemed to enjoy it.

Preschool Science Fun with Ice Castles

ice castles make preschool science FUN

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Clear plastic containers
Ice cube trays
Eye droppers
Glass gems
Fairy TOOB
Purple Glitter

Set Up
I put water into the clear containers and ice cube trays, then added a smattering of fairy “bling”.  To do this, I just added a variety of items we’d used during our sparkling princess slime and fairy tale name  activities. Some of our toy fairies were tossed in there, too to encourage the children to “rescue” them.  Before placing everything in the freezer, I added a smattering of “fairy dust” (aka glitter).

This preschool science activity included ice castles from the movie "Frozen"

The next morning, I took all of the ice out of the freezer, placing them into my sensory table bins.  I added a touch of water to the bottom of each ice cube to stick the ice together.  Thus, the ice castles were born!

How the Children Played
Oh, the kids were so excited when I brought the ice creations into the classroom!  I had originally planned to leave the bins in their stands. However, this preschool science experiment was too popular!  So I placed a large blue tarp on the floor and placed the bins, droppers, and cups of water on top.  This way, there was more room for the students.

A preschool science activity exploring how to melt ice castles and rescue the ice princess

The children immediately set to work!  They poured water on the ice, hit it with spoons, and dripped water over the top.

Trying to melt the ice castle in a preschool science experiment

A pocket of water was discovered inside one of the castles, much to the students’ delight.  They broke it open and began adding ice cubes to it, just to see what would happen.

Rescuing the ice princess from her ice castle in a preschool science activity

The fairy queen seemed to be the main focus for many of the kids.  Apparently, they were on a time frame to get her out of the ice.  It was rather entertaining to listen as they negotiated the best ways to break her out of the ice castle.  Such excitement for all of them — rescuing the queen and grabbing some “royal treasure” that was frozen in ice.

Ice castles make preschool science so very fun for the kids

Ideas for Next Time
This preschool science exploration was successful, based on the children’s reactions!  Next time, I think I’d like to take it to the next level.  We could create a plan to melt the ice prior to the activity starting.  I’d also like to have the children compare the different ways they could melt ice (salt, different water temperatures, etc.).

Are your children interested in fairy tales or the movie “Frozen”?   Have you ever tried building (and melting) ice castles?

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If you’d like to watch my favorite version of “Let It Go”, check out Alex Boye’s version (links to video on You Tube).  My students also really enjoyed this version.  :)





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