Fun with Pet Rocks {A Camping-Themed Craft}

Fun with Pet Rocks {A Camping-Themed Craft}

As I mentioned previously, we had a camping week at the preschool earlier this month.  The kiddos had a blast, as did Mary Poppins and I.  One simple craft we did during the week involved making pet rocks!  I’d love to share the preschoolers’ take on making pet rocks below.

Fun with Pet Rocks {A Camping-Themed Craft}


  • Rocks of varying sizes
  • Googly eyes
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Permanent markers

Fun with Pet Rocks {A Camping-Themed Craft}


1. To begin with, gather up the rocks.  These can be rocks found on a nature walk, on a camping trip, from the backyard, or even store-bought rocks.  Make sure the rocks are cleaned of dirt and debris before moving to the next step.

2. Choose your paints.  We used acrylic paints leftover from our Mother’s Day fingerprint flowerpots.  Tempera paint works, too, but doesn’t give you the same color saturation.  Set out the paintbrushes with the paints.

3.  We had each child’s rock on disposable plates.  This worked out well for containing some of the mess and moving the wet rocks when the kiddos were done.

4. Let the children have fun painting!  Some of my students really, really got into this part of the activity!  :)  When they’re done painting, let the pet rocks dry.

5. Once they’re dry, set out googly eyes.  Mary Poppins and I tend to have a stash of googly eyes of different sizes and colors!  Let the children add the googly eyes they want.

6. If they’re interested, they can use permanent markers to a nose and a mouth.  We had a few who did this, but most opted for painted rocks with fun eyes!

7. Let the kiddos play with their “pets” once everything’s dry!  The students had a good time with this before the rocks went home.  They were especially amused by the antics of Bob, my pet rock.  :)

Fun with Pet Rocks {A Camping-Themed Craft}

Some ways to extend the pet rock play . . .

  • Add the pet rocks to a fun sensory bin.  Perhaps smaller rocks or plain rocks.  They’d be great in any environment really.
  • Play a game of “pet rock hide-and-seek”.  Take them outside, hide the rocks, then let the children run around and find their rocks.
  • Use the pet rocks as place markers for board games (like “Chutes and Ladders”).
  • Make a play set for the play rocks.  I LOVE what Childhood Beckons did in their post “Art and Play: The Nature Way – Rocks”!

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    • says

      There’s just something fun about painting and playing with rocks. Yes, the googly eyes add even more fun and cuteness to this! I’m still so amused by the colored eyes with eyelashes.

    • says

      Thanks so much, Rebecca! :) I think it would be so much fun to link with an actual camping trip! Let me know if you make any pet rocks this summer!

    • says

      I am such a sucker for googly eyes too! I think it would be fun to randomly put them on things around town. :) Thanks for stopping by Eric!

    • says

      Yes, I think it would be a lot of fun for rainy days at my place too! :) We always seem to have random rocks that just appear here at home.

    • says

      Hahahaha! Stephanie, I love it! :) I have to be careful of letting my son check out what I’m doing sometimes. He likes to make me lists of what he wants to try “from the computer”. Let me know how your pet rocks go!


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