What We’re Reading Now {Children’s Book Week 2013}

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This week is Children’s Book Week, and you know I love that!  I’m excited to partner up with some other amazing bloggers to get you “in the mood” for celebrating the week with us!

We’re big into reading both at my house and in my classroom.  When I’m reading on my own, I like science fiction and mystery books.  When I’m reading with kids, though, I have a much wider range!  Apparently, I have a lot of favorite kids’ books — one of my students last year even called me out on it when I was introducing a new book.  I said, “this is one of my favorite books” and he replied, “you sure do have a lot of favorite books, Ms. Mary Catherine!”  I can’t say that he’s wrong!

favorite children's books, current favorite children's books, children's book week 2013

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Right now, my favorite books for my preschool kiddos pertain to camping, flowers, and kindergarten . . .




Engineer has a variety of favorite books, as well.  Honestly, he’s spoiled by my giant collection of children’s books (along with all of the books he calls his own).  Right now, he’s really into books about Spider-Man and Transformers, with a few chapter books thrown in there.  He also has some picture books he comes back to again and again!




If you’re interested in some fun and engaging activities related to awesome children’s books, please check out my Book-Inspired Activities post.  It links up to 10 activities that sprang from reading books with kiddos.

What about you?  What are your favorite books to read with your children?  What are some of your kids’ favorite books to read or listen to?  I’m always looking for new book ideas, so please share in the comments below!!  :)

Check out the wonderful book-related activities below, too!  If you’re a blogger, feel free to share your own.  The more the merrier (and the more fun ideas we can share)!

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