Using Tiny Erasers to Promote Fine Motor and Math Skills

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Here’s a spring activity I used to promote fine motor and math skills  at preschool.  This was a simple, easy to set-up math center that kept the kiddos busy for most of center time.  They had a blast, all the whole improving their fine motor skills and practicing age-appropriate math skills.

I set out ice cube trays, large kid-friendly tweezers, and a variety of spring-themed erasers.  Before the children began, I suggested they sort the erasers or make patterns with them.  Each of the children grabbed an ice cube tray and a pair of tweezers and set to “work”.

promote fine motor and math skills, fine motor skills, fine motor skills in preschool, preschool math

They picked up the erasers one at a time with the tweezers, which really gave their fingers a workout.  At the time, most of my students’ fine motor skills were on-track.  However, there were a few who tended to shy away from most fine motor activities.  This wasn’t a problem with this activity, though!  They were so focused on moving the erasers to the ice cube trays that it didn’t occur to them.  :)  I love when kids are having so much fun that they don’t realize they’re learning.

promote fine motor and math skills, fine motor skills in preschool, math skills in preschool, fine motor skills

In addition to the great fine motor work, the erasers were used for different math skills.  Some of the children chose to sort all of the erasers before doing anything else.  I loved how into this task they were!  They sorted by colors (yellow flowers, green flowers etc.).  They sorted by type, as well (ladybugs, butterflies, etc.).

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Once the erasers had been sorted, the patterning fun began.  Many of the kiddos used one row of the ice cube tray for one pattern, while using the other row for a completely different pattern.  A few of them chose to make just one pattern inside all rows of the ice cube trays.  They were so excited to show Mary Poppins and I their patterns!  A few of them even asked to show the patterns to our preschool director . . . they were THAT into this math play.

promote fine motor and math skills, fine motor skills in preschool, fine motor skills, math skills in preschool, math skills children

I will definitely be using the tiny erasers in the future.  Of course, I think they’re too small to actually use as erasers!  But they’re great for tons of other games and activities.  Here are some other ideas for using the tiny erasers for math activities:

  • Have the students place the correct amount of erasers by written numerals.  For example, 5 erasers by the number 5.
  • Use the erasers to illustrate beginning addition and subtraction skills.
  • Match colors using the erasers.  This can be done with color cards and/or written color words.

Those are just a few extension activities in regards to math!  How would YOU use the tiny erasers with your students/children?  I’d love to hear your ideas.  :)

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      Thanks so much, Sam! Is it sad that I’m excited that I have a really good reason to buy more of those cute erasers?! :) Let me know how your son likes them!

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    This is such a great idea! I just looooved those tiny erasers when I was a kid. I can totally see the hooligans getting right into this activity! Thanks so much for linking up, and for the inspiration! I’ve just pinned to my Fine Motor board. :)
    jackie recently posted…sandbox ideasMy Profile

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      Thanks Jackie! Apparently, I still love tiny erasers! :) Let me know what the hooligans think of this activity — love hearing how things go with other kiddos. And thanks for pinning!

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      Thank you, Amy! :) I’m pretty partial to the large kid tweezers, too. Using kids’ chopsticks also works well and provides some variety too.

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      Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know how it goes if you use it with your kiddo. :) Now I have an excuse to get more little erasers!

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    Fine motor skills are very important to practice. I love those wee erasers, they are good for so many things…I wish I could get them in the UK. Keep having fun!

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      Thanks, Crystal! I didn’t realize they aren’t available in the UK! If you ever want some, just email me with your mailing address and I will send some your way. Thanks so much for popping by!

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      I love them too, Kirstylee! If you’re right there watching him, I bet he will do a great job. Let me know how it goes if you do try it out. :)

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      Awww, thanks Ann! Some of my preschoolers did this every day for a week, for over 30 minutes each day. Those same kiddos asked for it the next week too. I loved how into the kids were. If you and your son try it out, let me know. :)


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