Fine Motor Skills for St. Paddy’s Day – Beaded Shamrocks

Children just love bead and pipe cleaners!  Set those two items out, and watch the kiddos go at it.  In addition to creativity, beading allows children to work on their fine motor skills.  Math can even come into the equation through patterns, colors, and counting.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a fun beading craft for the kids . . . beaded shamrocks!

Fine Motor Skills for St. Paddy's Day - Beaded Shamrocks

This colorful craft works those fine motor skills!

Supplies (Amazon links included for your convenience)
Pipe cleaners (I especially loved the shiny ones!)
Pony beads

Fine Motor Skills for St. Paddy's Day - Directions to make beaded shamrocks

Engineer pointed out that our original shamrocks looked more like flowers, so we went back to the drawing board.  The method below is what worked better for us.

  1. I twisted two pipe cleaners together.  This time, though, I left them in a straight line.
  2. Engineer and I worked together to make two different patterns on our pipe cleaners — one was green and white, while the other was a rainbow pattern.
  3. Once the patterns were complete, I folded the pipe cleaners in half.  
  4. I created one heart shape at the curved end of the folded pipe cleaner.  
  5. I then twisted underneath that heart to help it hold it shape.  
  6. I folded the remaining edges up and twisted them in the middle.  
  7. Then I pushed them into heart shapes as well.  
  8. Once all that was done, Engineer and I added another pipe cleaner for the “stem” of the shamrock.

How We Played
Engineer, Captain America, and I made beaded shamrocks this afternoon (while Frat Boy was napping).  Engineer made a variety of patterns with his pony beads, while Captain America chose to stick with just one color.

Beginning a pattern on beaded shamrocks sure gave our fine motor skills a workout!

It was interesting to watch the boys as they navigated the twisty pipe cleaners with the beads.  I was making my own at the time, so I can attest that it certainly works your fingers!  Definitely a great activity for those fine motor skills.

An alternative color choice for our beaded shamrocks.  Still great for those fine motor skills!

 Engineer inspected all of the beaded shamrocks when they were done.  Thank goodness they all passed inspection!  :)  He definitely preferred the second set of shamrocks, and I must admit I liked them better as well.

A rainbow beaded shamrock integrated both math and fine motor skills!

Sorry for the lack of kiddos in the pictures, but the boys just weren’t having it!  I was permitted to take pictures of the crafts, but Engineer and Captain America were feeling camera shy today.  :)

What are some St. Patrick’s Day activities that you enjoy with the kiddos?  Do any of them include math and fine motor skills?  I’d love to hear some more ideas in the comments below!

For more ideas, please pop by my St. Patrick’s Day and Fine Motor Pinterest boards!


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