Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Towards the end of the school year, we had a camping theme at preschool.  The children really enjoyed themselves, and I (as always) had a blast watching their enthusiasm.  So today I’d love to share a few activities for a preschool camping theme!

A Camping Treat
The kiddos LOVED this camp-out treat – s’mores on a stick was a definite hit!

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Fishing at Camp
We did this as both an indoor activity in our sensory table and an outdoor activity in a kiddie pool.  Inside, we used fishing poles Mary Poppins made use wooden dowels, magnets, and plastic string (along with foam fish with magnets on them).  Outside, another teacher put water in a kiddie pool.  The fishing nets came from The Dollar Tree, and the fish were bath toys.

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Painting with Marshmallows
I had way too much fun watching the children during this camp-themed process art activity!

Building a Campfire
Obviously, we didn’t let the small children play with fire!  Really, if you met me, you wouldn’t want me playing with fire either.  In the building center, the students used long wooden blocks as the “logs”.  They got really inventive and chose fire-colored (orange, red, and yellow) small blocks to act as flames.  Mary Poppins also grabbed some red, yellow, and orange tissue paper so the children could build “fires” in the home center.

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Tracking Animals
This activity began a bit differently than it ended up!  A few teachers set out small plastic animals and stamp pads, so the children could make animal tracks.  The teachers had also laid out magnifying glasses and print outs of tracks that different animals make.  Well, our kiddos grabbed the track papers and the magnifying glasses, then proceeded on a hunt for animals!  I loved watching their imaginative play!

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Pet Rocks
Sometimes the simplest activities make the children the happiest!  I had fun making all sorts of pet rocks with them.

Camping Pretend Play
This was another  activity we did both inside and outside.  In our home center, Mary Poppins set up a small tent and laid out a few sleeping bags an flashlights.  During center time, the children pretended they were on a camping trip.  Outside, Mary Poppins had a larger tent set up.  There were also camp chairs, real logs, and pretend food from our home center.

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Flashlight Reading
Despite the light pouring in from our classroom windows, the students still seemed to enjoy sitting and reading books with flashlights.  Next time, I’m going to put a sheet or paper over the windows to create a darker environment for flashlight reading.

Activities for a Preschool Camping Theme

Campfire Hand Prints
Hand print artwork makes me happy, and I like to do at least one a month during the school year.  Handprint and Footprint’s “Handprint Campfire” came out awesome!

More activities for a preschool camping theme can be found at my {Theme} Camping Pinterest board.  I am slowly building it up with ideas for the summer, as well as the next school year.

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  1. Alicia G says

    This is amazing! We are going to do this at home today & have a little play tent set up too. It’s rainy crummy weather here so this is perfect. Thanks!!

    • says

      Alicia, I’m so glad you like the camping ideas! They are definitely great even when you’re stuck indoors! Let me know how your camping day went. :)

    • says

      Yay! Let me know how it goes if you try any of these camping activities with your kiddos, Katie. Thanks for stopping by with the kind words.

  2. says

    These are such fun and creative ideas! We are going on a camping trip soon as a family and I was looking for some activities to do as a follow up after our camping trip. I can’t wait to have my kids “build a fire” although I’ll probably have them use paper and sticks. Thanks for all of your great ideas.
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  3. Debbie @ says

    Love the ideas! Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  4. says

    Great ideas here’s one you may try solar S mores lay out foil on cooking sheet in sun let them melt inthe sun did this with 2 – 5 year old so easy no burning

  5. Sherrie says

    I did a camping theme in my preschool classroom this week,I put up a real tent, with a battery operated lantern, picnic basket with the supplies for somore;s, and camping books to enjoy throughout the day. We read a book talked about the animals we may see, listened to a Itunes campfire, camping video on the ipad with crickets, owls, wolves howling. The kids loved it, then we went to the tables to make somore’s the somore’s we did were Hersheys spreadable chocolate, found by the nutella in the store, marshmello fluff easy spreadable and no heating or fuss! I enjoyed the camping theme as much as the children!

  6. Kathryn says

    Thank you for posting this. Gave me some great ideas for my soon to be 3 year old’s birthday party! YAY! :) I was having a hard time wrapping my head around camping theme without a real campfire because obviously that would be dangerous. lol :) You have some GREAT alternatives!

  7. Cristina says

    I just did this with my summer school class and it was a hit! We used Nutella as I had some left over and it was so yummy

  8. says

    Brings back the fun memories we had as children my parent have nine children I’m the third oldest couldn’t afford expensive vacation but camping was our favorite we still get together and go camping but teaching them also to respect their forest friend too so every one can enjoy it too! God bless you all for your ideas


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