Sparkly Robot Craft for Kids

My preschool kiddos really enjoyed a robot theme towards the end of the school year.  One of their favorite activities was super duper easy to set up!  It was inspired by No Time for Flashcards’ magnetic create-your-own robot craft. I must admit it, I love seeing the kiddos take something simple and just run with it.  Here’s a robot craft for kids to create their own sparkly creations.

simple and sparkly robot craft for kids

Easy robot craft for kids

Sticky-backed metallic foam sheets
Construction paper

set up for a simple robot craft for kids

Set Up
I cut basic shapes out of the foam sheets, varying the sizes and colors.  After that, I placed the shapes in a basket alongside blue construction paper. From there, I stood back and let the children jump into creating.  When asked what the shapes were for, I told the children they could design their own robots if they wanted.  I pointed out that they could make other things with it, too.

How the Children Created
As usual, the students were excited to create.  This craft gave them access to glittery sparkly foam stickers, so they were incredibly into it!  As expected, there were many different kinds of creations!  There were robots that looked like flowers.

creating a robot craft for kids

One of my girls made a robotic gift for the leprechaun that visited in March.

robot craft for kids to make

One of my boys decided he’d rather draw all of his robots, adding sparkly suns as accents.

robot craft for kids 4

There was also a “super sparkly caterpillar”, glittery sunflowers, robots that liked to bounce in bounce houses, robot snowmen, and so many more!

robot craft for kids 2

Ideas for Next Time
I’d really like to make No Time for Flashcards’ magnetic robot craft for kids to manipulate into different robots.  I also think I’ll make much smaller shapes that the children can use for eyes, buttons, etc.

Do you have any robot crafts for kids that you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below or over at Fun-A-Day’s Facebook page.


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