Robot Activities Kids will Love

I’m teaming up with some of the All Things Kids ladies to bring you ideas for summer camp at home!  Each day this week, one of us will share ideas around a theme.  We’re hoping these themes will help you plan some summer fun with your children.  Today I’m sharing robot activities to try out with the kiddos!

Are you following Fun-A-Day’s Mr. Roboto Pinterest board?

robot activities kids will love

Robot activities for summer camp fun

Click on the underlined, orange text to be brought to each specific activity.

Use tin cans and craft supplies to make magnetic robots.
My preschoolers had a blast making (and unmaking) these robots!

magnetic robot art is one of the fun robot activities kids will love

Explore simple circuits while discussing the inner workings of robots.
Making Boys Men shows how electricity works with hands-on fun.

Learn how to balance a paper robot on your finger (or a stick . . . or your nose!).
I love how Buggy and Buddy integrates a science experiment with her colorful robots.

exploring circuits and balancing robots are 2 robot activities kids are sure to love

Help kids create their own robot dress up “clothes”. 
My students had fun creating robot vests, then acting out how they were as robots! Danya Banya has a different take on robot dress up here, and Learn with Play at Home made an awesome robot helmet here.

Letting kids make their own dress up clothes is just one of the fun robot activities they'll love to try

Make a tiny, working robot with spare parts.
Red Ted Art explains how to turn the head of a toothbrush into a real, working robot.

Make a paper robot and teach him to “climb” a string.
Housing a Forest combines science and art in one fell swoop!

spare parts robot and climbing robot are 2 robot activities kids are sure to love

Read lots of books all about robots.
I collected ideas for 10 books here on Fun-A-Day!  All Done Monkey has a few more to share.

robot books are fun to read before trying one of these robot activities

Delve into gears and create a movable robot craft.
Teach Preschool links a fun robot book to movable gears, then lets her students make their own movable robot art.

Help children learn their numbers with robot stickers.
I like how I Can Teach My Child integrates fine motor skills with math in this simple, but very meaningful, activity.

movable robot craft and counting with robots are 2 robot activities kids are sure to love

Let the children manipulate robot hardware (nuts and bolts).
We had nuts and bolts out for over a week, and the kiddos never tired of them.

this nuts and bolts fine motor fun is just one of the robot activities kids will love

Use recyclables to make a life-size magnetic robot.
This kid-size magnetic robot from Fun at Home with Kids looks like so much fun. I’m going to have to try this with Engineer sometime over the summer!

Create a movable Shrinky Dink robot.
What an awesome robot art idea from Lalymom!

robot activities 4

Create a sparkly robot craft with metallic shapes.
The preschoolers let their creativity shine with this shiny robot craft. No Time for Flashcards has a sparkly, magnetic robot craft here.

this sparkly robot craft is just one of the robot activities kids will love

Make some robot marshmallows as a treat.
Robot lovers with a sweet tooth will enjoying making (and eating) this creation from The Celebration Shoppe.

Let the children paint with gears.
Process art with a robotic twist from Fun-A-Day!

painting with gears is just one of the fun robot activities for kids over at Fun-A-Day!


Have some math fun with this roll-a-robot activity.
My students have always loved a good dice game, and Seven Thirty Three’s addition of a robot makes it even better!

Create a robot activity board for the young kiddos to manipulate.
What  kiddo doesn’t enjoy latching bolts and playing with light switches?!  Learning at Home is onto something here!

I hope these robot activities have inspired you to host a robot summer camp!  If you try any of the ideas here, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.  Feel free to share any of your favorite robot activities here, too!

As I mentioned earlier, this is part of a collaboration with some of the All Things Kids mamas.  Be sure to check out what my buds are up to the rest of the week –



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