Preschool Name Activity for a Fairy Tale Theme

I do a lot of teaching with names in preschool!  Since names are meaningful to children, they’re more invested in learning about them. For this reason, I enjoy incorporating a preschool name activity into many of my themes.  Our recent fairy tale unit was no different!  Check out how the students created royal, blinged-out names!

bling names 5

“royal” preschool name activity for princes and princesses

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White poster board or construction paper
Colorful, sparkly craft sequins

Creating Their Names
We had strips of white poster board in our school workroom, so I wrote the kids’ names on that with pencil.  I told the children that we were using “royal treasure” to make their names.

bling name 2

The children outlined the letters in their names one at a time, then added the sequins to the glue.  We talked about letter formation, the different letters in their names, and we compared their names to their friends’ names during this time.  Once the names were done, we set them on our drying rack to dry.

bling names 1

Then the kiddos used the sequins and glue to create their own art.  Some created people, others focused on random designs, and a few asked for helping writing words to bling out!

Ideas for Next Time
Next time I try this activity, I’m going to use basic craft sequins.  While the kiddos loved the fancier sequins we had, not all of the sequins were flat.  This made it extra difficult to get the sequins to stay on their names.  Of course, the students didn’t mind having to use extra glue, but it’s something I’d likely change.

bling names 4


  • Fine motor skills
  • Patterns and colors
  • Letter names
  • Letter formation
  • Letter sounds
  • Counting
  • Comparing and contrasting

bling names 3

What’s your favorite preschool name activity to do with the kids?  Have you ever tried making blinged-out names like this?

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