Portable Kids’ Water Walls

Portable Kids' Water Wall

My preschool has special days throughout the school year, as well as themed summer camps for the kiddos.  Some of the children’s favorites have been Water Day and Splish Splash Camp.  I can’t really blame them, especially during the hot summer days!  We’ve created a variety of activities for these days, all of which the kids have enjoyed.  One such activity were portable kids’ water walls!

Portable Kids' Water Wall

The preschool is housed in a local church, meaning that the classrooms and playground are shared areas.  When making the water walls, we had to ensure they were easily assembled, easily taken down, and didn’t leave holes/damage on the church’s fences.  This is how the portable water walls came to be!

Portable Kids' Water Wall

Supplies we used:

  • Garden gates
  • Zip ties and/or wires
  • Buckets
  • Hoses
  • Rain gutters
  • Pinwheels
  • Plastic ducts

Once all the supplies were collected, the different pieces (buckets, gutters, etc.) were attached to the garden fences with the zip ties or covered wires.  The wires and zip ties were also used to attach to garden gates to our playground fence.  This made it easy for the children to enjoy the water walls without having a permanent structure in place!

Portable Kids' Water Wall

As you can tell by the photos, the kiddos loved them!  They used buckets, shovels, and watering cans to pour water through the hoses.  They used water to move balls along the rain gutters.  The students also enjoyed moving the water wall pieces in different directions to change up the water flow.

Portable Kids' Water Wall

We have used these water walls for a variety of school activities, and the kids still enjoy them!  I think it would be fun for my age group (4 and 5 year olds) to design and build their own water wall in the near future!  I’m sure Engineer would enjoy doing so, as well.  Of course, he might design one as tall as a building, knowing him.  :)

If you’re looking to have your own Water Day, check out my Water Day Pinterest board.  If you’d like more summer fun ideas, please visit my Summer Camp at Home board!

You can find other water wall ideas below:

Have you made a water wall for your students/children?  If so, I’d love to hear what you included on it!

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      Thanks Rachael! We made these last summer, and they have gotten a ton of use since then! We plan on bringing them back out for camp this month too.


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