Firework Math Activity with Pompoms

A super easy math activity with sparkly pompom “fireworks”!  Little Hurricane had the most fun with it, so I focused on preschool math.  It’s simple to adapt for older children, too, as I did when Engineer showed an interest.

firework math activity with sparkly pompoms

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Sparkly pompom math activity

Like I said above, this is a super duper, oh-so-easy activity to set up!  I simply grabbed the sparkly pompoms out of our craft stash and got started!

Little Hurricane dove right into the pompoms, of course.  I couldn’t blame him – they’re a lot of fun to play with.  After he was done exploring the pompoms, I suggested we sort them by color.  “Do you think we can make big piles of each color?”  His response was an enthusiastic “yes!”  The kiddo sorted each color easily, and I was even permitted to help out a little bit.  As we were sorting, we chatted about colors and what the pompoms felt like.

firework math activity - sorting pompoms by color

When we were done sorting, Little Hurricane and I decided to find out how many of each color we had.  Engineer wandered over at that point to see what we were up to.  He helped Little Hurricane count all of the pompoms and even suggested we make a graph with them.  So that’s just what we did next!

firework math activity - graphing pompoms

After the sorting, counting, and graphing, we moved on to numbers.  I wrote the numbers 1 through 10 on separate squares of white paper.  Little Hurricane counted out pompom fireworks depending on the numeral written on each square.  He was very focused on the task, and so proud of himself when he was done!

firework math activity - counting pompoms

This firework math activity was so basic, but it covered a lot of important concepts – sorting, counting, graphing, more versus less, one-to-one correspondence, colors, and number identification.  No matter how simple it was, it turned into a very meaningful math activity for Little Hurricane!

Do you have any firework math to share?  Let me know if you do!

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