Dr. Seuss Dress Up – Thing 1 & Thing 2

A few years ago, Mary Poppins and I held a birthday party for Dr. Seuss (his birthday is March 2).  We knew we wanted to include some kind of Dr. Seuss dress up, but we weren’t sure what at first.  In the past, we’ve done a lot with the cat from The Cat in the Hat, but we wanted to try something different!

Dr. Seuss Dress Up - Thing 1 & Thing 2

Dr. Seuss dress up fun in preschool!

We came upon Little Rock School District’s Book Character Day photo and loved it!  It was the inspiration for our Dr. Seuss dress up focused on Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Supplies (affiliate links included below)
Blue construction paper
White construction paper

Directions for the Things’ Shirts
1. Have each child wear a red shirt.
2. Cut out circles from white construction paper.
3. Children write “Thing” at the top of the circle.
4. They then write the appropriate number underneath. Mary Poppins was Thing 1, I was Thing 2, the next student was Thing 3, etc.
5. Using a safety pin or straight pin, attach the names to the children’s red shirts.

My whole class had fun with this Dr. Seuss dress up activity!

Directions for the Things’ Headbands
1. Using a paper cutter, or free-handing it, cut out strips of blue construction paper.
2. Measure one blue strip around the child’s head and cut appropriately.
3. Have child arrange other blue strips perpendicular to the headband.
4. Help child staple the blue strips around the headband to create the Thing’s hair.
5. Finally, staple the headband together and place on child’s head!

In case you’re wondering . . . yes, Mary Poppins and I dressed up too!  We just couldn’t let the kiddos have all of the Dr. Seuss dress up fun!

The teachers got into the Dr. Seuss dress up fun as Things 1 and 2.

Once we were all dressed up as Things 1 to 17, it was onto the party for Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  Mary Poppins made delicious cupcakes inspired by the Cat’s hat, and we just had a blast!

One of the "Things" enjoying a cupcake on Dr. Seuss dress up day!

What kind of Dr. Seuss dress up ideas have you tried?  How do you like celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday with the kiddos?

If you’re looking for more Dr. Seuss related fun, please come visit my Book-Inspired Pinterest board.



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