Preschool Math Game for a Farm Theme


My preschoolers love any game that involves dice, so we play a lot of them! This farm-themed preschool math game is called “put the mud on the pig”. Having a silly name apparently made it even more fun for the kiddos to play! This post contains Amazon links – if you purchase anything from the links, I [...]

Printable Teacher Planner Review

A Review of the Mama Miss Printable Teacher Planner

I’m in the middle of back-to-school preparations now, waiting for construction to be done at my preschool so I can set up my classroom! While I’m waiting to do that, I get to engage in another favorite back-to-school activity — planning! I have to confess, I love lesson planning. So when Melissa of Mama Miss [...]

Book of Structures for the Block Center

where we keep our structure book for the block center

My preschool students use our building center on a daily basis, and they love it! When I shared how I set up the block center, I mentioned a structure book I created for it. Since writing that post, I’ve received many emails and messages about this book.  So I thought I’d share a little bit more [...]

Homemade Invisible Ink Experiment

homemade invisible ink experiment

Have you ever visited Rachelle Doorley’s site Tinkerlab?  It’s devoted to encouraging creative thinking in kids (and adults too)!  I’ve been a fan of Rachelle’s for a while, so I was incredibly excited to hear about her recent book release.  It inspired Engineer, Snoopy, and I to delve into our very own homemade invisible ink experiment! [...]

25+ Wooden Block Activities for Preschoolers


All Things Kids is sharing back to school ideas today, and I’m happy to join in!  Today, I wanted to focus on back-to-school from a teacher’s perspective. While thinking and planning for the new school year, I like to gather ideas for my classroom. In doing so, I’ve collected some great wooden block activities for preschoolers! [...]

Catapult Painting – Super Fun Art Activity for Kids!

Catapult painting - fun art activity for kids

I taught three preschool camps this summer with an awesome co-teacher (I shall dub her Ms. Smarty Pants)!  She and I had fun planning great experiences for the kiddos, and we both enjoyed ourselves immensely.  One of my favorite parts of the camps was a unique, and oh-so-fun, art activity for kids!  It may be [...]

Frozen Dinosaur Excavation for Kids

frozen dinosaur activity with a twist

I have done this frozen dinosaur activity countless times with my students over the year!  My son and I have also excavated dinosaurs many times together.  It’s a classic activity that never fails to keep the kiddos engaged and excited about learning.  During one of our preschool summer camps, we even added a little “twist”! [...]

Open-Ended Preschool Centers to Guide Learning

open ended free choice preschool centers

I love using learning centers in in my preschool classroom!  Centers are an important part of early education, and managing centers can be done a variety of ways.  Today, I’d like to talk about embracing open-ended free choice preschool centers. Are you following Fun-A-Day on Pinterest? When I taught kindergarten, I used both free choice [...]

Preschool Schedule for a Pre-K Classroom

preschool schedule for a pre-kindergarten class

With a new school year approaching, I’m in teacher planning mode!  One of the items on my to-do list is revising my daily preschool schedule. Since I’m often asked what my schedule looks like, I thought I’d take a moment to share it now. my preschool schedule Keep in mind I make tweaks to this schedule [...]

Coconut Five Senses Activity

exploring coconuts during a five senses activity

We’ve had a ton of coconutty fun at home this summer, so we thought we’d bring the fun to school.  The preschool campers had a blast exploring coconuts with a super simple five senses activity.  We did something similar at summer camp last year, with great success as well. Five senses activity to explore coconuts To start [...]