Halloween Math with a Spider Counting Book

Halloween math activity with a spider counting book

Today I want to share a spider counting book! It’s something I’ve used (in some variation or another) for many years, in both kindergarten and preschool. It’s a great Halloween math activity that the children enjoy making. make a spider book for halloween math fun Amazon links to comparable materials below. Materials Blank spider books [...]

10 Glow in the Dark Activities for Kids

Collection of FUN glow in the dark activities for kids

Today’s Share It Saturday features are glow in the dark activities for the kiddos! Personally, I think they’d be fun for adults to try out, as well. Which one would your children like the best? I think the slimes would be a huge hit here at home! glow in the dark activities to try tonight [...]

Fall Math Activities with Acorn Numbers

fall math activities with acorn numbers

The preschool kiddos have been little squirrels recently! They have collected SO MANY acorns over the past few weeks, so I’ve been integrating acorns into our preschool day. Today I’d like to share some simple fall math activities we did using numbered acorns. Links to similar items on Amazon (affiliate). Materials Acorns (we used real [...]

Pumpkin Patch Small World Play

pumpkin patch small world play with rocks

October is always a fun time to learn and play with pumpkins in preschool! I recently set up an incredibly simple “pumpkin patch” for small world play in the classroom. The kiddos got into it even more than I thought they would! Amazon links included below (linking to items similar to items used in this [...]

Not-So-Creepy Spider Crafts and Activities for Kids

Spider crafts and activities for kids to make

When going through the ideas linked up at last week’s Share It Saturday, I came across some fun spider crafts the kiddos would enjoy! Those activities inspired today’s featured posts. Anyone who knows me is going to laugh that I put together this collection, as I have a severe problem with spiders in real life. [...]

Book-Inspired Preschool Owl Craft

book inspired preschool owl craft

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another #PLAYfulpreschool theme! Thus far, we’ve delved into apples, family, farm, harvest, and fall colors. This week the focus is on nighttime, which led to my nocturnal preschool owl craft. It started, as it often does, with a book! In this case, it was Little Owl’s Night by Divya [...]

Fall Art for Kids with Acorns

getting ready for the final stage of our acorn fall art for kids

I’m back with more ideas for fall art with kids! The preschoolers had so much fun with our corn painting, so we decided to try another collaborative art project! The kiddos have become quite enamored with acorns recently, so I decided that would be a fun focus this time around. My Nearest and Dearest’s Acorn [...]

18 Spooktacular Halloween Activities for Kids

18 Halloween activities for kids

Welcome to the landing page of Halloween Play Days! This series is brought to you by Shaunna of Fantastic Fun and Learning, Rachael of Nothing if Not Intentional, Jessica of Play Trains, Stephanie of Twodaloo, and Chelsey of Buggy and Buddy. Below are 18 open-ended Halloween activities for kids to try this fall. Have fun! [...]

15 Paper Pumpkin Crafts for Preschoolers

Paper pumpkin crafts for preschoolers

Today on Share It Saturday, I’m featuring 15 paper pumpkin crafts for preschoolers to make this fall! These pumpkin crafts are great for preschoolers because they work on fine motor skills, color recognition, shape recognition, names, and emotions – all while being fun for the kiddos. With some changes, they’d be great for both younger [...]

Fall Colors Modeled Writing in Preschool

Modeled writing in preschool

I am really enjoying the weekly #PLAYfulpreschool posts with my fellow preschool parents and teachers! There have been so many great ideas for themes related to apples, family, farm, and harvest. This week the theme is fall colors, and I’m sharing a simple (but very meaningful) modeled writing activity. Materials White chart paper Markers in [...]