Preschool Transportation Theme Math Activities

Helicopter dice game from Fun-A-Day - math activities for a preschool transportation theme

This week’s #PLAYfulpreschool is all about . . . you guessed it, transportation! Below are a few math activities to try out with the kiddos, including some free printables. They’re great additions to a preschool transportation theme! Are you following Fun-A-Day’s Transportation Theme Pinterest board? math for a preschool transportation theme Dice & Roll-and-Stamp Games […]

Cat in the Hat Activities with Play Dough

Fun Cat in the Hat activities with play dough

March 2 is Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ birthday! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these cat in the hat activities to try with play dough. play dough cat in the hat activities for kids I purchased all the materials we used locally, but I’m including affiliate links to comparable items […]

Rainbow Sensory Writing Activity

Colorful sensory writing activity for kids

Welcome back to Book Club Play Dates, where a group of us share ideas for everything you’d need to host your own. Last month’s book was LMNO Peas, and this month we’re focusing on I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More. I’m sharing a rainbow sensory writing activity to go along with the book. sensory writing activity […]

Rainbow Confetti Play Dough

Rainbow confetti play dough - colorful, multi-textured play dough perfect for St. Patrick's Day or just because

As I mentioned in my gold coin letter activities post, we’ve been out of school for a week due to winter weather. As such, I’ve been having a little too much fun dyeing various materials (in between playing in the snow, making hot chocolate, and goofing off with the kiddos)! The kids and I decided […]

14 Fun Engineering Activities for Kids

Great collection of engineering activities for kids!

Planet Smarty Pants was the inspiration behind this week’s Share It Saturday theme – engineering activities for kids! I looooooved her daughter’s design and construction of a roller coaster! Here on Fun-A-Day, I often refer to my son as Engineer. He loves planning and building all kinds of creations, so I know he’d get a […]

Preschool Alphabet Activities with Gold Coins

A variety of preschool alphabet activities using gold coins

We’ve been out of school all week because of some crazy weather. There’s been a lot of colorful fun at my house, in between going out in the snow. We created a cool (if I do say so, myself) rainbow puzzle artwork, and I’ve been dyeing a variety of sensory materials! The colorful materials are perfect for […]

The Importance of Hands-On Science

Hands-on science is incredibly important in young children's learning!

I do a ton of hands-on science with my preschoolers, as well as my son (who’s in second grade right now). There are so many reasons to include it in early childhood classrooms and at home. I’ll share some reasons why, as well as some examples you can try out! Are you following Fun-A-Day’s Science […]

Rainbow Art Puzzle for Kids

Gorgeous rainbow art for kids to make with tissue paper puzzle pieces

Today’s #PLAYfulpreschool theme is focused on puzzles. During a recent snow day, the kiddos and I created a really fun rainbow art puzzle. I love how it turned out, but more importantly I love the process we went through! Are you following Fun-A-Day’s Kids’ Arts & Crafts Pinterest board? beautiful rainbow art project for kids Affiliate […]

Geoboard Activities with Unique Geoboards

25 awesomely unique geoboard activities

I love using geoboards with my students and at home with my son. A geoboard usually incorporates pegs of some kind, along with rubber bands or loops. They’re used to explore a variety of math concepts such as shapes, counting, and area. Obviously, the concepts explore depend on the age of the child. Below are […]

Hands-On Math with Number Rocks

Hands-on math activities using number rocks

My preschoolers love to play with rocks! I made these number rocks over a year ago, and they’re still a hit with the children. They’re perfect for a variety of hands-on math activities like, such as one-to-one correspondence. This post was originally written for B-Inspired Mama. Materials Rocks (I used river rocks) Acrylic paints Acrylic sealer […]