Thanksgiving Math with Foam Turkeys

Glittery foam turkeys ready for some Thanksgiving math

I’m so excited to share a simple Thanksgiving math activity the preschoolers and I did recently! It was inspired by my blogging bud Asia from Fun at Home with Kids and her new book. Full disclosure – I received a free copy of the book in exchange for sharing it with you. All opinions are, as always, […]

14 Catapults for Kids to Create and Experiment With

catapults for kids to build and learn with

This week’s Share It Saturday features are all about catapults for kids! In addition to being an exciting experience, catapults lead to so much thinking and learning! Fine motor skills, science, and math are just a few subjects that catapults help children learn about. Have you and your kiddos ever made one, or played with one? […]

Name Activities with Colorful Pumpkin Seeds

Rainbow pumpkin seeds ready for preschool name activities

Welcome back to #PLAYfulpreschool! This week, we’re focused on a theme of nuts and seeds – be sure to check out the rest of the team’s ideas at the bottom of this post. I decided to share some name activities kids can try using pumpkin seeds! Why name activities with pumpkin seeds? I’m a big […]

Apple Fine Motor & Color Matching Game

using spools and brads in a preschool color matching game

We had some apple-y fun earlier this fall in preschool! The kiddos really enjoyed this apple color matching game that we played using some of our colorful wooden spools. Full disclosure – it’s not so much a “game” . . . but kids loving calling all kinds of activities games, so I rolled with it! Affiliate […]

10+ Creative Ways to Teach One-to-One Correspondence

one-to-one correspondence activities for kids

I loved seeing all of the one-to-one correspondence activities linked up at the past two Share It Saturdays! Each of the activities were meaningful and playful ways to teach an important math concept to the kiddos. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did! what is one-to-one correspondence? In a nutshell, one-to-one correspondence means matching one […]

Technology in Preschool with the Kurio XTreme

My preschool classroom is a play-based one, meaning that the kiddos are learning through play and exploration. In my opinion, technology in preschool really needs to enhance the children’s learning experiences. So I’m very particular about what technological products come into the classroom! This post, sponsored by Kurio Xtreme, will show how my students and […]

Fine Motor Turkey Math in Preschool

Who will win this turkey math dice game

This week’s #PLAYfulpreschool theme focuses on turkeys and feathers, but I’m sure you already figured that out! I’m sharing a turkey math game inspired by my spring flower dice game. Dice games, in any shape or form, always seem to be a big hit with my preschoolers. They love tossing the toss, and I love all […]

Colorful Wooden DIY Toys & Activities for Kids

DIY toys and art activities for kids made of liquid watercolor dyed wood

Over the summer, my son and I dyed wooden spools for fine motor, building, and math play. My preschoolers have LOVED them, and they’re used multiple times a week in the classroom. Because of the great reception the colorful spools received, I started looking into other DIY toys that could be made with colorful wood […]

Dyeing Wooden Spools for Fine Motor Skills Activities

make fine motor skills activities even more fun with dyed wooden spools

Over the summer, I came upon bagfuls of small wooden spools at a local craft store. I’m always on the lookout for materials for my pre-k classroom, so I picked up a couple. Looking at them, I decided they’d be great for a variety of fine motor skills activities for my students. Amazon links to […]

Share It Saturday – November 8, 2014

I’m not featuring any posts today, but I’ll be back next week with features from both last week AND this week! Thanks for popping by Share It Saturday! Check out what my co-hosts are sharing this week – Teach Beside Me, Sugar Aunts, Chestnut Grove Academy, and Natural Beach Living. An InLinkz Link-up