Engineering Projects for Kids | Castles in the Block Center

Engineering projects for kids - encourage planning, designing, and building with a mini-book of castle photos in the block center

In my classroom, the block center is open and available a good chunk of our preschool day. It’s heavily used, and so much playful learning takes place there. It’s the perfect area to introduce engineering projects for kids that get them thinking, planning, and creating. Adding real pictures of castles can help do just that. […]

Colorful Science and Art Experiment for Spring

Exploring absorption, color theory, and saturation with a spring science and art project in preschool

The preschoolers and I have had an amazing amount of fun with science and art recently. It was one of those activities that I thought they’d enjoy, but I couldn’t have predicted their level of interest!! In addition to the enjoyment factor, we learned a lot about science, math, and art concepts along the way. […]

Preschool Alphabet Fun Using Magnetic Letters

Preschool alphabet activities using magnetic letters

If you’re a regular Fun-A-Day reader, you know I am all about FUN and MEANINGFUL learning for kiddos. This mantra of mine applies to preschool alphabet activities, too, of course. Inspired by P is for Preschooler, this week’s Share It Saturday features are all about the fun ways to use magnetic letters to teach. fun […]

Earth Day Making Words Activity & Sensory Bin

Making words with an Earth Day sensory bin - what a fun way to learn more about words and letters!

Recently, we put together an Earth Day sensory bin filled with math activities. It was a hit around my house with kids from preschool through second grade. Since I am all about reusing sensory materials, we turned that bin into a making words activity bin! I think this bin is great for Earth Day, a […]

Teaching Word Families with Ping Pong Balls

What a great hands-on literacy activity to try! Teaching word families with ping pong balls!

Young children need hands-on activities to learn, and literacy is no exception. Using ping pong balls when teaching word families certainly allows the children to get their hands busy! In addition to being a little fun and silly, it’s a great way for kids to get in some fine motor practice. It’s also perfect for […]

21 Awesome Ideas for a Preschool Weather Theme

I love this list of activities for a preschool weather theme! 21 hands-on ideas to try with the kids!

This week’s Share It Saturday features are all about exploring the weather! Below are 21 great activities to try during a preschool weather theme. I think these activities would be a wonderful fit with other ages, too!   hands-on learning with a preschool weather theme Weather sensory play | Fun-A-Day Kindergarten & Preschool Weather Chart […]

Fun Science for a Space Theme | Fizzing Planets

Super fun science experiment for a space theme - Fizzing Jupiters!

We are big fans of fun science here at Fun-A-Day! My son, my preschool students, and visiting friends always enjoy the experiments we come up with. Engineer (my son’s nickname here on the blog) helped me come up with this fizzing planets activity. It’s perfect for a preschool space theme I’ll be teaching soon! Are […]

Earth Day Preschool Math and Sensory Play

Earth Day themed preschool math sensory bin

This week’s #PLAYfulpreschool theme focuses on the Earth. The theme is perfect for celebrating Earth Day, when teaching a space theme, or just because! Check out a sensory bin I put together that incorporates preschool math. Are you following Fun-A-Day’s SPACE THEME Pinterest board? preschool math for an Earth theme Materials Rice Liquid watercolors (or […]

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse One Mama at a Time

Breaking the cycle of abuse - Don't allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not.

A version of this post originally appeared here, but I wanted to update it for National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Child abuse is a topic near and dear to my heart, and not just because I’m a mama and a teacher. I dealt with it when I was growing up, and I wanted to share […]

Easter Egg Art in Preschool

Easter egg art to try using leftover plastic eggs!

This year, the preschoolers and I have really been into collaborative art projects.¬†For Easter, the kiddos and I decided to make our own Easter egg art for the classroom walls. I have a stash of plastic eggs from years past, so we broke those art and got to work creating some fun art! Are you […]