Jell-O Soap Foam Sensory Play

Jell-O soap fun sensory play for kids thumbnail

What child doesn’t enjoy playing with bubbles? Take it to the next level by making bubbly, colorful, scented soap foam! Dyan of And Next Comes L recently challenged me to come up with some fun kids’ activities using water, bubbles, and soap. I’ve done a lot with scented waters, but I wanted to make something […]

Color Collage Art Project for Kids

Color collage art project inspired by the book The Deep Blue Sea

Process art and open-ended crafts are such fun for kiddos, and I love that a lot of learning can be integrated into art projects. We recently made a color collage as part of our Book Club Play Dates series. In addition to being a fun piece of collaborative art, it worked on many early learning […]

Ribbon Weaving Art with Kids

Weaving art with kids

My 2014-2015 preschool class had so much fun creating canvas art throughout the year. Before the school year ended, we decided to use some ribbons on canvas to make this fun weaving art project. We used ribbons leftover from our egg baskets, so the weaving has a spring-like feel to it. Are you following my Kids’ […]

Minecraft Activity | Building and Melting Icy “Blocks”

minecraft activity thumbnail

My son loves science, and he loves Minecraft. So we put the two together for an icy fun Minecraft activity perfect for the summer! Engineer ended up calling them Minecraft Ice Blocks, and he already has plans to make more. In fact, this whole activity was really his idea – I just have permission to […]

Rainbow Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

thumbnail bear sees colors

Here at Fun-A-Day, I write a lot about sensory activities for preschoolers. Kiddos can learn and practice so much as they participate in sensory play, and they LOVE getting into a good sensory bin! Here’s a simple one based on Karma Wilson’s book Bear Sees Colors. colorful sensory activities for preschoolers to explore Affiliate links are included […]

Why Kids Need to Look at Pictures as They Learn to Read

Why letting kids look at the pictures is important as they learn to read

I’m often asked questions about supporting children as they learn to read. I’ve always been fascinated by the process, and I’ve received some amazing education devoted to early literacy. I’ve also been blessed to be involved as many children learned to read. Are you following Fun-A-Day’s LITERACY Pinterest board? One of the most common questions/comments […]

Preschool Number Games | Rope & Shell Connect-the-Dots

Preschool number games - use ropetwinethread and shells to create your own reusable dot-to-dot game!

Preschool number games are a fun way to teach children early math concepts. Here’s super simple game of “connect-the-dots” that can be made with rope/twine and shells. Are you following Fun-A-Day’s MATH FOR KIDS Pinterest board? preschool number games with rope and shells Amazon links below. Materials Rope, twine, string, or yarn Shells Permanent marker […]

Nature Crafts for Kids | Beaded Sticks

lovely nature crafts for kids - beaded sticks

Nature crafts for kids seem to be a hit year-round, both with my preschoolers and my son! Here’s a super easy idea that lets kids be creative while getting some fine motor practice in. beaded sticks – fun nature crafts for kids Materials Sticks Pony beads Glue gun (optional) Directions Get outside and gather some […]

Preschool Sensory Activity for a Space Theme

Space themed prescool sensory activity - I love all the colors!

We love a good preschool sensory activity in my classroom! The kiddos helped me put together this outer space sensory bin when we were learning about space. It was so well-loved that we kept it out, in one form or another, for almost three weeks! space-themed preschool sensory activity This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Materials […]

Super Fun Art Project for Kids | Paint the Car

thumbnail Such a fun art project for kids - painting a car together!

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty blessed. I work with amazing colleagues, kiddos, and families. I get to teach in a way that aligns with my educational philosophy, and I get to do super fun activities with the kiddos. Like this amazingly fun art project for kids that we set up during one of last year’s summer […]