5 Senses Activity with Scratch and Sniff Names

Scratch-and-Sniff Names - what an easy and fun 5 senses activity for the kids

I do a ton of teaching using my students’ names, as regular Fun-A-Day readers know! Here’s a 5 senses activity that’s centered on learning with names. I love that it’s a simple, engaging process for the kiddos. Plus, it yields a deliciously-scented name! Are you following my Names Pinterest board? make scented names with this […]

Farm Theme Preschool Snack | Haystacks

Fun farm theme preschool snack to go along with the book Big Red Barn

This month’s Book Club Play Date is focused on Big Red Barn, and I was charged with sharing a snack idea! When I was thinking about a farm theme preschool treat, I immediately thought of chocolate haystacks. They were a favorite of mine to “bake” as a kid, so I thought they’d be great to […]

Star Wars Crafts & Activities for Death Star Enthusiasts

Death Star Star Wars crafts and activities for kids

If you’re a regular Fun-A-Day reader, you know we’re into Star Wars (and a variety of other geeky goodness). Recently, my son has been quite enamored with the Death Star. So he and I went hunting for a variety of Star Wars crafts, activities, and snacks to share with others. 11 Star Wars crafts and […]

Morning Routine Chart for the Preschool Classroom

Morning routine chart for preschool - free printable from Fun-A-Day

I recently put together a morning routine chart for my son and I, and I thought it would be great to do the same for my classroom. My students do well with visual reminders, especially when dealing with new routines at the beginning of the school year. morning routine chart helps preschoolers practice independence I’m […]

Star Wars Play for an Outer Space Theme

Star Wars sensory and small world play for an outer space theme

My son adores Lego Star Wars, so we do a ton of creating and playing with them! In fact, my son helped me create this Star Wars sensory small world that’s perfect for an outer space theme (or just because)! He’s been into the Death Star, specifically, so that’s what our small world is centered […]

Fun Science Experiment with Fizzy Stars

Fizzy stars - easy, fun science experiment for kids

Science is well-loved around here – both at home and in my preschool classroom. This simple and fun science experiment was no different. The kitchen was filled with “oooooh!” and “aaaaah!” aplenty as the kiddos explored fizzy stars. Are you following my Science for the Kiddos Pinterest board? sparkly and fun science experiment for kids […]

Apples Up On Top Name Activities

Apples Up on Top name activities for kids - art, literacy, and free printables

Name activities are a staple in my classroom. I thought it would be fun to create a few based around a preschool apple theme. Even better, these name ideas are perfect for extending the book Ten Apples Up On Top! printable letter apples up on top Materials Letter apples (free printable HERE) Pictures or drawings […]

Teaching the Alphabet with a Class Name Book

Create an ABC name book as a means of teaching the alphabet to kids

Learning about letters needs to be a hands-on, meaningful process for kids. Names are definitely meaningful, which is why I like to incorporate them a lot when I’m teaching the alphabet. A class alphabet book that’s centered around names definitely fits the bill! Are you following my Alphabet Pinterest board? use a class name book […]

Box Tops for Education Collection Sheets

DIY Box Top Holder and free printable Box Tops for Education collection sheets

In┬áSimple Snack Math for Preschoolers, I shared that my son and I want to be more on top of collecting Box Tops for his school. We came up with a few ideas to help us do just that – a simple DIY recycled holder, along with Box Tops for Education collection sheets. We were also […]

14 Little Red Hen Activities

Little Red Hen Activities for Kids

I love reading classic stories with my preschoolers and my son! The Little Red Hen is no different, and I love that there are so many variations out there to read. Below are Little Red Hen activities that are great for extending the book with kiddos. Little Red Hen activities for kids Sensory Bin Inspired […]