“Lights on the Tree” Preschool Christmas Activity

sensory preschool Christmas activity - lights on the Christmas tree

We’re all about lights this week at #PLAYfulpreschool! Around this time of year, I associate lights with those twinkling on Christmas trees. So this preschool Christmas activity is for sensory and fine motor fun with “lights on the tree.” Preschool Christmas activity for fine motor and sensory fun Materials White navy beans Colorful corn kernels […]

Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make – Fingerprint Frames

A fingerprint picture frame is one of the Christmas gifts for kids to make their families

Oh how I love to use the children’s fingerprints and hand prints to create in the classroom! When planning the Christmas gifts for kids to make their parents, I knew I wanted to incorporate hand prints or fingerprints. Last year, my students made hand print snowmen ornaments, but I wanted something different this year. I […]

Christmas Math Game with Jingle Bells

Jingle bell Christmas math game that works fine motor skills too

This simple Christmas math game was inspired by last year’s geoboard Christmas trees, as well as And Next Comes L’s threading bells activity. Based on the preschoolers’ reactions, it was a hit! Use jingle bells as part of a fun Christmas math game!   Affiliate links to comparable items below. Materials Styrofoam trees Red and […]

Pine Cone Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

10 Pine Cone Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

This week’s Share It Saturday features focus on pine cones! I was so enamored with Fireflies and Mud Pies’ Reindeer Ornament that it inspired this collection. Without further ado, here are 10 pine cone Christmas crafts to try this month! Are you following Fun-A-Day’s Christmas Pinterest board? Pine Cone Christmas Crafts to Make with the […]

Collaborative Pine Tree Art Project for Kids

Pine Tree Art - an art project for kids to create collaboratively

This week, #PLAYfulpreschool is all about evergreen trees!  For my part, I wanted to share an idea for pine tree art for kids to create together. An art project for kids to create while exploring science Our classroom science center has pine branches, pine needles, and pine cones in it right now. The kiddos and I […]

Button Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

Button Christmas crafts for kids to make

Welcome back to Share It Saturday! This week I’m featuring Christmas crafts for kids to make with buttons. The inspiration behind this collection is Buggy and Buddy’s Button Christmas Tree! It’s beautiful, of course, and it also lets kiddos practice fine motor and math skills. I’d love to make a version for my preschool classroom! more […]

Reindeer Christmas Snacks for Kids

delicious Christmas snacks for kids - reindeer snack

This week’s #PLAYfulpreschool theme is about reindeer, as you may have already guessed! My preschool kiddos and I had fun delving into reindeer-themed Christmas snacks for kids. Christmas snacks for kids to make Ingredients we used Graham crackers Peanut butter (Sun Butter or cream cheese are peanut-free alternatives) Raisins Mini pretzels M&Ms (raisins or skittles […]

Child Hunger in America: How Kids Can Help

preschool families donated over 200 pounds of food to Feeding America to fight child hunger in America

Fun-A-Day is all about fun and meaningful learning activities for young children. I usually focus on literacy, science, math, and other such activities. Today I’d like to focus on a different kind of meaningful learning activity – teaching kids to help fight child hunger in America. It’s a staggering statistic, but 1 in 5 American children […]

Nativity Christmas Art for Kids

Christmas art for kids - Nativity scene with various art processes

We had such fun with the Halloween Read and Play series that we’re back with a Christmas version! Over 20 sites will share kid-friendly activities inspired by children’s Christmas books. For my part in the series, I’m sharing Christmas art for kids based on one of my favorite Christmas read alouds. Are you following Fun-A-Day’s Christmas […]

Christmas Play Dough Recipes and Activities

Christmas Play Dough Recipes for Kids to try this winter

Welcome back to Share It Saturday! This week, I’m featuring Christmas play dough recipes and activities for the kiddos. My preschoolers, and my school-age son, always get a kick out of play dough. In addition to all of the fun, play dough lets children work their fine motor skills and explore their creativity. play dough recipes […]