How to Stop Whining in Preschool

No more whining in preschool!

Welcome to my last “official” post for the summer’s Challenging Behaviors Book Study. For this series, I decided to focus on the top 3 problematic behaviors I’d heard about from Fun-A-Day readers and teaching colleagues.  I’ve already touched on tattling and exclusion in the classroom, and today I’d like to share some tips about how [...]

Frozen Fairy Tale Science for Preschoolers

Foaming royal treasure chests make for fun science for preschoolers

It’s no surprise that we love simple science for preschoolers and school-aged kiddos around here!  Chemical reactions that fizz and foam are among our favorites.  At a recent preschool summer camp, I put together a Frozen-inspired science experiment for the children. It was a hit with the preschoolers, the school-aged assistants, and the teachers! Amazon [...]

14 Scented Water Activities for Kids

scented water activities for kids - water bin fun for the senses

It’s no surprise to regular readers that the kiddos and I love scented sensory activities!  Today I’m sharing scented water activities for kids to play and learn with.  This post is part of All Things Kids’ Learning with Water Play blog hop today.  Be sure to check out what the others are sharing today! scented [...]

Legoland California Review from a 7-Year Old & His Mama

7 year old's Legoland California review

Engineer has loved playing and building with Legos for most of his life, so Legos are a staple at my house!  Needless to say, he was beyond excited to visit Legoland on a recent trip we took to San Diego, California. Just so you know, we received two free one-day resort hopper tickets.  My Legoland [...]

Exclusion & Cliques in Preschool – Help Kids Make New Friends

Challenging Behavior - Making new friends and avoiding cliques in preschool

Welcome back to the Challenging Behaviors in Preschool series. My previous post focused on how to handle tattling in the classroom. Today, I’d like to discuss how to encourage preschool children to make new friends. The Amazon link below shows the book I’m discussing today.  If you purchase through that link, I receive a small commission [...]

7 Coconut Books for the Kiddos

Coconut Books - A Coconut Named Bob

We’ve been having a little too much fun with coconuts recently.  While the kiddos don’t seem to enjoy the taste like I do, they love all of our coconut activities.In keeping with our coconutty fun, I thought a list of coconut books would be in order. coconut books to read with the kids Amazon links [...]

Coconut Eruptions – A Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

overflowing coconut suds with this tropical baking soda and vinegar experiment

Regular readers of Fun-A-Day know we love the traditional baking soda and vinegar experiment!  Engineer, the preschool kiddos, and I also love changing that experiment up in a variety of ways!  Today’s concoction was dubbed “super foamy and really bubbly erupting coconuts with funny cups”.  Obviously, that’s the name Snoopy, Engineer, and Little Hurricane created together! coconutty baking soda [...]

Firework Math Activity with Pompoms

firework math activity with sparkly pompoms

A super easy math activity with sparkly pompom “fireworks”!  Little Hurricane had the most fun with it, so I focused on preschool math.  It’s simple to adapt for older children, too, as I did when Engineer showed an interest. Affiliate links included for your convenience. Sparkly pompom math activity Like I said above, this is a [...]

Patriotic Craft with Coffee Filter Prints

patriotic craft 3

The boys and I have been into July 4th activities recently.  Today’s patriotic craft came about because we had a huge pile of coffee filters!  With that in mind, I knew I wanted to incorporate some ideas from Housing a Forest’s Monster Marker Prints. decorate for the 4th with this patriotic craft Amazon links are [...]

Lego Star Wars Molten Lava Slime for Kids

Lego Star Wars Anakin sinking into molten lava slime for kids

Yes, another slime for kids to get into!!  The boys and I have been having a blast with our golden slime on its own and with “gold” coins.  We also used it to create a fun Lego Star Wars experience, which we dubbed Molten Lava Slime!  I was inspired to create this slime fun after [...]