The Best of 2013 – My Favorite Posts!

Today I’m joining over 50 bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network for The Best of 2013 Blog Hop!  Yesterday, I shared Fun-A-Day’s top preschool learning activities for the year.  Today, I want to focus on a few of my favorite posts.

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts!

I have to admit that I get attached to each post that I wrote here, so narrowing down my favorites was a bit difficult.  But here goes . . .

my favorite posts – the best of 2013!

1. How to Dye Corn Kernels
This post isn’t directly about a kid activity, but it serves as the basis for so many potential ideas!  It started out as an idea I had to make corn mosaics with my preschoolers.  However, I just couldn’t find any conclusive information about dying corn kernels with good results.  This post details the method I found to create beautifully colored corn kernels.

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts! - How to Dye Corn

2. Pirate Science FUN: Exploding Treasure Chests
If you’re a regular reader of Fun-A-Day, you know how we love science experiments!  This one was created for a pirate-themed summer camp.  I enjoyed crafting the experiment for the kiddos, and they all had a BLAST with it!  So much so that they would have played and explored for hours if they could have.

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts! - Exploding Pirate Treasure Chests

3. Winter Sensory Play {and a Few “Disasters”}
This post details a few ideas for winter sensory bins in preschool.  While I liked the sensory play ideas, this one is a favorite of mine for a different reason.  It illustrates how even the best-laid plans can go awry, with messy consequences!  Even better, it shows how children can run with an activity . . . and take it down a path the teacher didn’t even consider.  :)

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts! - Winter Sensory Play

4. Kindergarten Readiness: What Your Child REALLY Needs
As a preschool teacher, a former kindergarten teacher, and a mama, kindergarten readiness is close to my heart.  Here I share my professional opinion as to what children really need to know to be ready for kindergarten.  It links to a related post by Sandi of Rubberboots and Elf Shoes, a Canadian kindergarten teacher.

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts! - Kindergarten Readiness

5. Christmas Senses Book – Holiday Book Making in Preschool
While this is a holiday-themed post, it clearly shows a great way to incorporate literacy into the preschool classroom.  Making books with children of all ages allows for so much meaningful learning!  Links to other book making ideas are included at the bottom of the post.

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts! - Christmas Senses Book Making

On a more personal note, I’d like to add one more.  This post wasn’t focused on my usual child activities and ideas.  It was an intensely personal look at how my childhood, as well as a group of other mamas, had a huge impact on my journey into motherhood.  I poured a lot of myself into it, so I hope you’ll take a moment to read it . . . Motherhood: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse.

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts! - Motherhood: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Below you’ll find over 50 Kid Blogger Network members coming together for The KBN Best Of 2013 Blog Hop. We know you’ll find tons of wonderful ideas to browse, pin and share. We’d love for you to join the blog hop and share your favorite activity of 2013 too, and make sure you’re following the Kid Blogger Network on Pinterest

The Best of 2013 - My Favorite Posts!

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