Splat Art Fireworks Painting

My preschoolers had such fun with splat art during the school year, so I wanted to try it out during the summer too.  With July 4th coming up, I thought the kids and I could create some fireworks paintings!

Fun splatters with this fireworks painting!

Fireworks Painting with Pompoms and Bath Sponges

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Materials we used
Construction paper – black and white
Tempera Paints – glittery red, glittery blue, and white
Pompoms of different sizes
Small bath sponges

I didn’t have any glitter liquid watercolors on-hand, but I think those would be great for fireworks painting too!

Fun materials to create a fireworks painting!

How we painted
We dipped the pompoms and bath sponges in the various paints.  Then we dropped them onto the construction paper and watched the paint splat!  Standing on chairs and stools also provided different size fireworks.  The boys enjoyed those splats the most, of course!

Like our original splat art, this activity is best done outside.  A covered table would work well, too.  No matter what, keep in mind it will be a bit messy!  Using washable paints helps with the clean up, of  course.

While we painted, the kids and I talked about the different patterns made by our materials.  The smaller pompoms created smaller splats, while the larger pompoms created larger splats.  Throwing the sponges and pompoms on the paper created some large splats as well! While this seems pretty obvious, we still had a great conversation exploring WHY this happened.  We also discussed how our heights affected the size of the fireworks.  Lots of critical thinking came out of a very simple activity!

Each fireworks painting came out completely different than the one before!

In the end, our fireworks paintings turned out so well!  Pretty colors, and I definitely loved the glitter!  We’ll put them up as 4th of July decorations, but I wouldn’t mind keeping them up past the holiday too!

Have you ever created a fireworks painting with the kiddos?  If so, what method did you use?  If you try this one out, be sure to let me know how your paintings turn out!

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