Painting in the Snow – Fun in the First Snow of 2013!

This week brought with it the first snow of 2013!  We had the best time exploring, playing, building, and painting in the snow! Engineer was so very excited to the gigantic snowflakes falling from the sky.  He kept reaching out with his hands  (and his tongue, of course) to catch them, exclaiming, “they’re bigger than my head!”  I’m pretty sure I said something like that last week, which cracked me up.

Painting in the Snow - Fun in the First Snow of 2013!

SO EXCITED about the snow!

That night, we mostly clomped around in the snow and threw snowballs at each other.  Engineer loved checking out the tracks he made walking through the snow, especially since we were the first people out in it.

Painting in the Snow - Fun in the First Snow of 2013!

I’m entertained that Engineer couldn’t be bothered walking in a straight line!

The next morning, Engineer woke me up at 6:00 am.  The time wasn’t unusual, as he’s an early riser.  However, he was almost fully dressed in his snow gear and offered to let me sleep in while he went out to play in the snow.  He wasn’t overly happy when I told him he’d have to wait.  Once I mentioned that Snoopy and Little Hurricane were coming over, though, he was willing to wait a wee bit longer!

Once Little Hurricane and Snoopy arrived, we grabbed what we wanted to bring outside with us.  Engineer remembered that I had purchased some cheap, plastic condiment bottles to make paint in (for a completely different project) and asked if we could paint in the snow.  How could I turn that down?  So he and I just put water and food coloring in there for the “snow paint”, grabbed a few other toys, and then we all headed out.

Painting in the Snow - Fun in the First Snow of 2013!

The 4 of us played out in the snow for quite some time.  The boys adored using the condiment bottles to “paint” with the colored water.  They also carried snowballs around to build quasi-snow forts, ran around and giggled as they sunk into the snow, and had fun checking out the broken tree branches.  All of the boys were also incredibly interested in watching the snow melt and listening to the water drain off into the parking lot.

Painting in the Snow - Fun in the First Snow of 2013!

Once we realized we’d missed lunch, the boys and I headed in.  I was talked into bringing some of the snow in for the water table on our back porch!  :)  After lunch, all 3 of the kiddos ran to the back porch to play with the snow and the “watercolors” (as Snoopy dubbed them).  Snoopy and Engineer decided they liked painting in the snow on the back porch because it was easier to refill the condiment bottles in the kitchen sink!

Painting in the Snow - Fun in the First Snow of 2013!

After another hour or so, the boys were too cold to stay even on the back porch.  Plus, they’d managed to get their jeans rather soaked.  I tossed the pants in the dryer, bundled the boys up on the couch with a blanket, and we relaxed watching some cartoons.  All in all, we had such a fun day playing in the snow!  It makes me smile to think about the memories we made on Engineer’s first snow day in elementary school!


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    Congratulations on the snow! I’m patiently waiting for a little more so we can start doing some serious playing. I’ve used spray bottles in the past for colouring the snow, but I love your idea of using squirt bottles, and will definitely be trying that out. Thanks for the idea!

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    This is wonderful! I LOVE the snow painting play. And I love the excitement I can see in the pictures! Thanks for linking up at Share It Saturday. Enjoy the snow!!

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    We got the same snow system, we ended up with 4 inches at my house.
    Love the idea of “snow painting”, wish I had thought of that.

    Thanks for stopping by Snack Cups and Smiles!

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      Thanks so much, Alice! I’ve been enjoying your “Empty Your Archive” party. I love how it’s organized and has so many great ideas linked up. :)


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