DIY Snowman Kit – Book Inspired Family Fun

I’m excited to be collaborating with some of my fellow “All Things Kids” mamas this week — Leanna of All Done Monkey, Blayne of House of Burke, Heather of Crayon Box Chronicles, Jaime of Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, Tina of Mamas Like Me, and Colleen of Sugar Aunts.  Each day for the next seven days, we’ll bring activities and crafts based on winter books.  Today is my day, and I would love to share the DIY snowman kit Engineer and I created.

DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

Many of our snowman decorating kit with the book that inspired it all!

Get ready for snowy days with this DIY snowman kit!

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DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

Engineer and I had a little too much fun collecting items for our snowmen-to-be!

The DIY snowman kit was inspired by Lois Ehlert’s Snowballs.  The book is about a family making a variety of snow people, as well as snow pets!  To decorate their snow people and pets, the family chooses items from around the house, as well as items found in nature.  I love the idea of using different items to personalize snowmen, which is what led to our own little snowman kit.

All the items in this DIY snowman kit will be set aside until we have a snowman to decorate!  Some of the items will be eyes, noses, mouths, and arms.  Other items will be purely to decorate and add flair to the snow people we make.

DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

I made this tiny one — Engineer said we can make a snow robot with these items!

Engineer and I have both been waiting on the first big winter snowfall here.  It hasn’t arrived yet, but we are going to be ready when it does!  Our snow gear is ready to be worn, we have “snow paint” supplies ready to go, our snow building block-maker is set aside, and hot chocolate is in the pantry!  Now we just need the snow.  Once we get it, we’ll be trying out our snowman kit right away!

DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

We made a snow mama! Engineer made sure the straws were purple, since that’s my favorite color :)

Below you’ll find what Engineer and I decided to include in our DIY snowman kit.  Every item in the kit is something we found around the house, but we also plan on adding nature items (like tree branches and pine cones). The beauty of this homemade kit is that the ingredients are totally up to you and your kids!  You can customize it however you want — based on your interests, special collections the kids have, items you already have on-hand, and objects you find outside in your yard.  We used:

DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

Engineer’s said this face will be for a snow kid. I love how he made the hair, but I’m not sure that will translate onto an actual snow kid’s head. We shall see!

Since we’re still waiting on actual snow, we had to test out our materials on the kitchen table.  Engineer and I had fun planning a few ideas for snowmen, snow women, snow kids, and snow pets!  As you can see, there are endless possibilities with the DIY snowman kit.  Once we were done with the materials, we put them in baggies and placed them inside a snowman gift bag.  Now if it would just snow!  Once it does, I’ll be sure to share photos of the kit in use outside!

DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

We had to put the snowman decorating materials into this bag — how could we resist?!

As the week progresses, please be sure to stop by my “All Things Kids” buddies to see their fun activities!

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DIY Snowman Kit - Book Inspired Family Fun

Below is the link up!  If you have a site and would like to share a winter book inspired activity or craft, go for it!  I would love to see your posts.  If you’re not, stop on by and check out the activities that will be shared throughout the week!!



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