Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

Welcome to Winter Play Days, a series I’m participating in with Play Trains!, Fantastic Fun and Learning, Buggy and Buddy, Nothing If Not Intentional, and My Nearest and Dearest.  We’re each going to bring you three winter-themed activities this week, so you’ll have a ton of winter fun ideas once we’re through.  Today, I want to share a simple snowman art activity.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

Cookie cutters are always fun to have on hand with kids!  In the past, I’ve had children use the cookie cutters to stamp patterns and designs, make book covers, create wrapping paper, make bulletin board borders, and so much more.

Glittery Snowman Art for the Kiddos

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Blue glitter tempera paint, as well as regular blue tempera paint
White construction paper
Snowflake cookie cutters, large and small

Set Up
I cut a very basic snowman out of white construction paper first.  After that, I put the paint on a tray and placed the cookie cutters next to to the paint.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

How the Kids Created
As always, the kiddos wanted to know what I was up to right away.  I love their enthusiasm for play and learning!  Once I gave the go-ahead, a group of students sat down and dug into the painting.  They used the cookie cutters to stamp snowflakes all over the snowmen.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

Some of the children stamped the cookie cutters all over their snowmen, while others were very precise in their placement.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

One of my students stayed at this snowman art activity the entire center time!  He made multiple snowmen and experimented with using the different-sized cookie cutters.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

Ideas for Next Time
The week we did this snowman art, the weather was a bit crazy.  We missed one day of school and another two were shortened days.  So instead of letting the kids cut out the snowman shape, I did it ahead of time.  Normally, I’d just let the children make their own snowman or let them do all of the cutting.

Cookie Cutter Snowman Art for Kids

Winter Play Days
Be sure to check back here on Tuesday and Thursday for more winter fun ideas for the kiddos.  Below are some other great ideas from my series co-hosts:

Winter Wonderland Small World from Buggy and Buddy

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Penguin Sensory Play from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Winter Forest Small World from My Nearest and Dearest


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      Awww, thanks Shaunna. The kiddos in preschool, and my first-grader son, still love using the cookie cutters. I LOVE process art, but sometimes it’s fun to use it to create something, too.

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      Thanks Rachael!! I love process art (both in the classroom and at home), and we do a ton of it! Sometimes it’s nice to take it and turn it into something, though. Next time I plan on letting the kiddos cut the shapes out though. :)


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