A Fairy Tale Activity with Dragon Imaginative Play

dragon 6

I love science fiction and fantasy — especially if it involves dragons.  Sharing my love for dragons was one of the reasons I was excited to plan for a recent fairy tale theme!  :)  I started with a simple fairy tale activity involving a dragon small world.  I’m not sure I can call it “small”, [...]

Arctic Small World and Sensory Play

another pin arctic

It’s the final day of the Winter Play Days series I’m hosting with Nothing if Not Intentional, My Nearest and Dearest, Play Trains!, Buggy and Buddy, and Fantastic Fun and Learning.  Today I’m sharing a fun arctic small world play activity that also incorporates tons of sensory play! getting chilly with an arctic small world! [...]

Winter Pretend Play – Scooping Snowballs

scooping snowballs 5

My preschool kiddos had a blast with this super simple winter pretend play idea.  It also served as a bit of sensory play and fine motor play.  So easy to set up, but it really packed a punch! “snowy” winter pretend play What We Used Lots of cotton balls Glass containers Plastic scoops Kitchen tongs [...]

Christmas Pretend Play – Wrapping Presents


Kids get into the spirit with Christmas pretend play I am so very excited to be teaming up with  few of my favorite ladies for Christmas Play Days!  Fantastic Fun and Learning, Play Trains, My Nearest and Dearest, Buggy and Buddy, Nothing if Not Intentional, and Fun-A-Day!  will be sharing ideas for open-ended Christmas FUN for the kiddos. [...]

15 Pretend Play Ideas from Share It Saturday!


I have had done some wonderful reading this week thanks to all of your posts!!  Today I’m focusing on pretend play activities from last week’s Share It Saturday and Fun-A-Day! In no particular order, kids can . . . 1. Act out ancient history after making a Roman leaf crown {Chestnut Grove Academy} 2. Be [...]

Pirate Science FUN: Exploding Treasure Chests


Our pirate adventures continue at summer camp!  The kiddos and I have had a blast so far, and I’m sure we’ll continue to do so.  We delved into some PIRATE SCIENCE with Exploding Treasure Chests!!  It was a great sensory experience as the solid, freezing cold chests turned to mush and exposed the treasures hidden [...]

Colorful, Scented Slime Recipe {Fun with Oobleck!}

oobleck Collage 22

On my recent trip to visit my sister and her family, my oldest nephew (Karate Kid) requested some “fun ‘speriments!”  I thought he and Engineer would enjoy creating and exploring a scented slime recipe with me.  Based on their giggles, smiles, and the time they spent playing with it, my prediction was correct!  :) 

Vanilla Spice Sensory Writing

spice feature

As I mentioned in “15+ Name Activities for Preschoolers”, I love using sensory writing trays (also known as tactile writing trays) – both inside and outside the classroom.  Recently, we made a vanilla spice version that was a hit with Engineer and Girly Girl!  You’ll notice I included Jell-O, which is a material Engineer and [...]

Skylanders in the Mist {a Skylanders Sensory Play Activity}

skylanders in the mist

At Engineer’s 6th birthday party, we played a variety of Skylanders-themed games.  A few days ago, I shared our Frozen Jewels activity that had the kiddos rescuing sapphires from frozen prisons.  Today, I’d like to share a Skylanders sensory play activity from the party.  I’m calling it “Skylanders in the Mist” because apparently I have [...]